Training for regional school leaders

Principals and deputies of schools of the city and districts took part in a training on the use of a computer simulator “Management of a modern school”. Within three days they will be engaged in the development of managerial skills.

The computer simulator “Management of a modern school” was developed by specialists of the NIS Center for Pedagogical Excellence and Moscow IT specialists EdCrunch Academy for the development of professional management skills of heads of educational institutions. More than 150 school principals of the region and their deputies gathered at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk in order to test their managerial abilities in practice and get the necessary help. After all, the virtual simulator provides an opportunity for heads of educational institutions to make the right decisions based on cases taken from real life.

— During the game, you can make up to 1600 decisions on the development of the school in 9 main aspects. When managing a virtual school, participants may make mistakes. The simulator finds out weaknesses and selects cases for each manager according to the deficits that it finds in the process of passing the game,” said Olga Tushinskaya, director of the branch of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence in Petropavlovsk.

The participants of the training were welcomed by the director of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk, Daniyar Ualiev. During the training on the simulator, each team manages its own virtual school. The realism of the simulator models and the presented cases allowed managers to see the impact of the decisions made and assess their effectiveness, as well as the consequences.
— There were a lot of interesting moments. We noted for ourselves which aspects need to be paid attention to — we need to take into account the opinion of parents, students, teachers, and the state,“ said Amir Makashev, Deputy director of ”Kyzylzhar Abai Mektebi”.
The participants of the training will train their managerial skills for three days.