The holiday school has started

Fifth-graders of secondary schools of the region study at the NIS vacation school in Petropavlovsk.

One of the permanent projects of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biology in Petropavlovsk is a vacation school. It is aimed at familiarizing and preparing secondary school students in the region for special tests for admission to NIS.

– This year we have accepted 19 children to the holiday school. These are students of the city’s schools and two district schools. Within the framework of the project, children will improve their knowledge of three languages, mathematics, and natural science within four days and prepare for the upcoming competitive selection,” said Deputy Director Gulmira Satanova.

The children who came to the vacation school graduated from the 5th grade last academic year and were enrolled in the virtual school in May. Within the framework of this project, children studied online, completed tasks independently, and took tests. Those who successfully completed their studies in May-June continue their studies in an offline school based on the Nazarbayev Intellectual School. In the coming academic year, students of the 6th grades can also take part in such virtual and vacation schools. Virtual and vacation schools allow high school students to familiarize themselves with NIS exams for free and prepare for the spring competitive selection.