Teachers of NIS Petropavlovsk are among the best

At the traditional August conference, the results of the “Panorama of Successful Practices” were announced. This year, teachers of Intellectual Schools presented 133 projects in six sections. Among the best cases there are also the developments of NIS teachers .Petropavlovsk.
Ainur Kaliyeva, a teacher of Kazakh language and literature from the NIS of Petropavlovsk, together with colleagues Asem Isina, Mentai Kozganbayeva from the NIS of Kostanay, Almagul Utesheva from the NIS of Taraz, Rosa Khusainova from the NIS of Taldykorgan, were awarded 1st place in the category “Kazakh language and literature, history” – “Current case”. Teachers have developed the application “KazLingua” for learning the state language. This application can be used by anyone who wants to learn the Kazakh language.In the category “Kazakh language and literature, history” – “Evidence case”, the third place was awarded to the development of NIS Petropavlovsk English teacher Elena Kiiko and NIS Petropavlovsk history teacher Bolatkhan Zhusupov for the project “Development of text analysis skills through gamification”.In the category “Russian language and literature, fine arts, well–being, primary classes” – “Current case”
The case of Elena Mashinets and Botagoz Artymbaeva, teachers of the Russian language and literature of the NIS of Petropavlovsk, was also awarded the third place. The teachers suggested “Building an itinerary as a trajectory for the development of an Olympian/designer using the capabilities of Microsoft Office.”