Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk won gold and silver medals

3 scientific projects of NIS Petropavlovsk schoolchildren won prizes at the republican competition. So the students of the school showed 100% quality of education.
At the final stage of the republican competition of scientific projects for students of grades 8-11 in general education subjects, 3 scientific projects of students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk were presented. In the competition of knowledge and science, students of the school were awarded 1 diploma of the first degree and 2 diplomas of the second degree. This is an impressive result, reflecting the high level of knowledge of the children, hard work, and also testifying to the high professionalism of their scientific supervisors.The 2nd place was taken by the project of Karina Malik and Midina Mizambayeva “Creation of cosmetic body masks with a therapeutic effect based on silt sulfide mud of Lake Menkeser”. Within the framework of the Tugan Zherge Tagzym project, the girls, having visited Lake Menkeser for the first time, decided to immerse themselves in the study of its healing mud. As a result, they introduced natural cosmetics. Scientific supervisors of the project: biology teacher Marina Peterson and chemistry teacher Elena Glebova.Alikhan Muratkazy and Tolegen Zhiger presented the project “The impact of board and group games on the preservation of cognitive functions and improvement of living standards.” The students regularly worked with the elderly at a local nursing home to prove their hypothesis. Their project was awarded the 2nd place.
Project manager: teacher of the hostel Kamshat Bekenova.And the ”Smart Trashbot” project, developed by Sultan Balaganov in the “Technology” section, took 1st place. A young designer has developed a model of a machine for cleaning beaches of rivers and lakes from various debris. With this technique, you can filter the sand from all the debris. All the waste left by vacationers is collected on a tape, and then sent to a special box.
Student’s supervisor: physics teacher Bakyt Takenov.