Meeting within the framework of the “Galymdar” project

In the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk, a meeting was held with a young scientist, a graduate of the Canadian Alberta University, Dauren Kaliaskar, within the framework of the Galymdar Project.
A native of the North Kazakhstan region, a young scientist, agrochemist Dauren Kaliaskar specializes in the topic of soil science and the agricultural sector. After graduating from school, Dauren studied for 4 years at the KazATU named after S.Seifullin, majoring in agrochemistry. Then he entered the University of Alberta for the same specialty under the Bolashak program. After successfully completing his studies, the young scientist worked in scientific and agro-industrial companies in Kazakhstan. At a meeting with students and staff of the school, Dauren told why it is promising to be an agrochemist.— The population is growing, so now the trend of switching to environmentally friendly products is relevant all over the world. Without the science of soil fertilization, research of plant growth and diseases, it is impossible to provide all non-settlement with food. For this reason, the spector of work in this industry is huge and it will need research and new technologies,” said Dauren Kaliaskar.
At the meeting with the young scientist, schoolchildren were also interested in other business opportunities in the field of soil science. Dauren told them about his startup project. Now he works in the application development team, which provides services for the development of digital programs for processing, fertilizing soil and plants, digitalization of fields. He also showed the children beautiful landscapes of North Kazakhstan, Canada, Italy. After all, scientists agrochemists can travel to different countries, explore nature, beautiful landscapes. But they also develop intellectually, make discoveries, and contribute to science.— There are a lot of grants in the field of science. Once I won a grant and worked in Tajikistan. Studied the changes of apricots and citrus fruits in the conditions of global warming. It was a cool experience, I got to know the culture and traditions of the local population, met great scientists,” Dauren shared, “but at the same time, science in Kazakhstan is developing differently than in Canada or Europe. Funding is often not enough to conduct research. However, now private business is actively investing in science.
The young scientist gave valuable advice, motivated the children to go to a better life. Now our countryman is a leading researcher at EcoSave Company. He also enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Alberta and is preparing to continue his research work.