Tugan elge tagzym

Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk take part in the event “Tugan elge tagzym”.

As part of the traditional local history expedition, schoolchildren first of all got acquainted with the large enterprises of their hometown. Among them is the Research Institute of Agriculture of the North Kazakhstan region. The guys appreciated all the possibilities of the enterprise. Here local scientists are engaged in breeding, increasing yields. LLP “Maximum scope” is a large enterprise that provides residents of the region with products and semi—finished products. Here the children were able to taste dishes prepared by the employees of the partnership. In addition, as part of the Tugan elge Tagzym expedition, the students got acquainted with the capabilities of the Kirov plant.


This year marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding figure of the Kazakh people, akyn Magzhan Zhumabayev. The poet was born in Sarytomar village of Magzhan Zhumabayev district of North Kazakhstan region. Therefore, the students within the framework of the local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym” went to the Magzhan Zhumabayev district. Today, the Magzhan Zhumabayev Museum operates in the village of Sarytomar. Here are collected unique items used by Magjan himself, which are not found in other museums. The students got acquainted with rare documents telling about the life of Magzhan and his ancestors and about the activities of the bright star of Kazakh literature.


– I am glad that I was able to see with my own eyes rare photos of the Zhumabayev family and the only surviv


ing book by Magzhan. You can’t read that in textbooks. You can learn about such facts only here, plunging into the abyss of history, — shared Adiya Alibayeva, a student of the 11th grade.


Information about the life and activities of Alashordinets is constantly updated. Because scientists-researchers who specially come to the museum share their works concerning the activities of the poet, a fighter for the freedom of the Kazakh people. The guys will use this information about their fellow countryman in further research work.



Also, representatives of the shanyrak “Urpak” visited the regional Museum of local lore, which is located in the city of Bulayevo and plunged into history once again. This museum houses valuable exhibits and documents telling about the life and everyday life of the inhabitants of this region in different years. The guys asked questions and recorded useful information that would serve as a basis for further research work.



Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk continue the local history expedition within the framework of the Tugan elge Tagzym project. This year, schoolchildren from shanyrak “Urpak” got the opportunity to visit different places of our region. They received good grades throughout the school year, actively participated in various events, won competitions and became the best. Therefore, the opportunity to go on an exciting local history trip during the summer holidays was given to the representatives of this shanyrak. On the next day of the expedition, the guys went to Mamlyutsky district. Here is the Arkalyk farm, which has been engaged in the production of koumiss for several years. The medicinal properties of this drink have been known since time immemorial. Therefore, today the demand for the natural drink KH “Arkalyk” is high. At the farm, the guys not only tasted koumiss, but also carefully familiarized themselves with the process of its preparation. They were especially impressed by the newborn foals.

The children’s “wellness” program did not end there, after they swam in the salt lake Mengeser. The water and mud of this reservoir are not inferior in healing properties to the famous Dead Sea.


During the local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”, students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk visited Ayyrtau district. This area is rich not only in historical places, modern production facilities also work here. For example, in the village of Syrymbet there is a famous settlement Aiganym, built in the XIX century. This place served as a wintering estate of Shokan Ualikhanov’s grandmother Aiganym. In the museum, schoolchildren got acquainted with the history of the estate, which has almost 2 centuries of history and exhibits stored here. Shokan’s manuscripts and the objects he used are kept in the settlement. In addition, household items are presented here — samovars, horse harnesses, dishes of the scientist’s grandmother.
As part of the expedition, the students also got acquainted with modern production. One of them is TEZIS LLP. This enterprise has been opened for a long time. More than 20 types of cheese are prepared here. The guys tried local products. In the future, they plan to conduct various studies in this direction.

The next local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym” has ended. The purpose of this traditional project is to introduce NIS students to the history and life of their native land. For 6 days, students visited 5 districts of the region — Kyzylzhar, Ayyrtau, Mamlyut, Yesil districts and Magzhan Zhumabayev district. In these places, the children got acquainted with historical and cultural objects, industrial enterprises. Also, as part of the expedition, outdoor recreation was provided. So, on the last day of the Tugan elge Tagzym expedition, schoolchildren visited Tarangul Lake in the Yesil district. This reservoir has a unique flora and fauna. A large amount of information collected during the expedition will serve as the basis for the students’ research work in the future. In the new academic year, children will write their scientific projects.— We have the most vivid and memorable memories from trips. We went on various excursions. We went to museums and businesses. We learned about the life and work of famous personalities of our native land. During these days, we have imbued ourselves with the history of our native land. This project brought us together — the students of our class and shanyrak, as well as teachers. In five days, we all received a lot of bright and bright emotions,” said Dina Maulen, a student of the 8th grade.