Students of NIS Petropavlovsk won prizes in “IT Day”

The regional IT Day competition was organized in the Palace of Schoolchildren.
Two teams of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk took part in the competition. The guys showed excellent results: the first place was taken by the Chak-Chak team. The team included Nurushev Arman, Toleubayeva Dameli, Bekkozhina Aigerim, Talgatova Sabira, Aitzhan Birlik. The second place went to the team “Nazar and his friends”. The honor of the team was defended by Tolegen Nurbatyr, Akanov Nazar, Shakenov Tarlan, Galymzhan Arsen and Mukhamedzhanov Almaz.The students went through four exciting stages, completing various tasks, including creating web pages, working with graphic editors, physical calculations and robotics competitions. Team leader: computer science teacher Unzilya Akhmutinova.