Meeting with an eco-activist Kaiyrzhan Aisin

In the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Petropavlovsk, within the framework of “Smart Thursday”, a meeting was organized with an eco-activist, the head of the “Green help” NGO and “Вторсырье” LLP, Kaiyrzhan Aisin. 

The speaker of “Smart Thursday” eco-activist, the head of a number of companies Kaiyrzhan Aisin first of all told the students about how he got into the business related to recyclable materials. He says that it happened by chance – it all started with the modernization of consciousness.

“Under the `Work and Travel` program, I lived in the USA and worked in a small hotel. At the end of each work week, we collected plastic waste, glass and cans. All this was loaded into a small jeep and I drove with friends to another city located nearby. There was a collection point in the supermarket. We sold all our cargo, and in return received a receipt for the purchase of goods in this store. In the evenings, I worked in a restaurant where a special press was installed. This equipment filled all the paper trash. Once a week, the company’s employees came to pick up the cardboard. Thus, it was in America that I got acquainted with the mechanism for collecting separate waste, ” said Kaiyrzhan Aisin.  

Therefore, when he returned to his homeland, he looked at the garbage differently. So the idea arose – to create a waste collection system. The initial capital of Kaiyrzhan was 5 thousand dollars, earned in the USA. He launched his first business at the age of 26. So a company appeared for the collection of plastic bottles, packaging films, glass, plastic, cardboard, waste paper, and aluminum cans. Recyclable waste collection points were set up in the city. Also, next to the garbage containers, they began to install special nets for collecting plastic bottles. But this type of waste does not always get there, often they are littered with completely different garbage, – our guest complains. Today, Kaiyrzhan Aisin is also involved in other types of social entrepreneurship, and manages several projects.

At the meeting, the students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School asked various questions, were interested in the profitability of the business, and learned about the prospects of this industry. As a result of the event, students learned a lot of interesting things about alternative energy sources, waste recycling, and promising sectors of environmental business.