Kozybayev University is in the center of attention of students

As part of the local history and research expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”, representatives of the best shanyrak visited a unique university of the regional center – the North Kazakhstan University named after M. Kozybayev.
Starting from the next academic year, there will be an opportunity to become the owner of Kazakh and American diplomas on the basis of a two-degree system. The university has several joint educational programs with the University of Arizona, USA. Welcoming the students, Vice-Rector Damel Mektepbaeva told them about the possibilities of the educational institution. In the next academic year, a new academic building will also be launched, which will house 70 modern laboratories. During the expedition, the students visited the museum of Manash Kozybayev, whose name was given to the educational institution. The museum contains many works of the scientist, reliable information about the history of the Kazakh people. Students can also find rare facts about the historian here. Then the students got acquainted with the work of the laboratory for the production of chlorella, which operates within the walls of the university. A private company that now works in this laboratory is engaged in the purification of bioprud near Petropavlovsk with the help of this unusual plant. In the future, the students intend to conduct joint research on unicellular algae.
In the afternoon, the students visited the religious sites of the regional center, visited Victory Park.