Graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools met in Frankfurt am Main

A meeting of graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools was held at the Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Frankfurt am Main. Angelina Bender, a graduate of the NIS Petropavlovsk, also met with fellow countrymen.

Alumni NIS is an organization that unites all graduates of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. In December and January, they organized the first “SAMGAU” forum across the country. At the meetings, students from different years shared important information with schoolchildren, inspired them with their successes. Seeing each other outside the Homeland also appeared among NIS graduates studying in Germany. NIS graduates who study at the best universities in Germany specializing in biochemistry, digital technologies, mechanical engineering, engineering, logistics and ecology met at the Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Frankfurt am Main.


Angelina Bender from the NIS of Petropavlovsk is studying digital technologies at the Technische Universität München for the second year. In addition, she works for one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and is sure that she got a unique chance thanks to her native school.
– NIS was the impetus for my development. In grades 11-12, I had incredibly improved qualities such as discipline and time management, which is very important in my student years, when you want to keep up everywhere. I passed all the final exams for A and A*, scored the maximum score on the UNT and entered the best university in Germany and the top (TOP-50) university of the world – the Technical University of Munich. Already in my second year I was hired by Allianz Insurance Company in the Investment Accounting department,” Angelina Bender shared.
At the meeting, Angelina met graduates of different NIS, who shared their life stories and the motivation they needed at the moment. The friendly, family atmosphere created by diplomats, sincere communication, delicious dastarkhan also pleased the guys away from home.


– I received important words of support and guidance from Kulyash Nogataevna. Plus, this event charged me with vital energy, reminded me of my homeland, Kazakhstan. Traditional treats, gifts, Kazakh speech – I realized how much I missed my native country. I am glad to be a part of this society. Let’s see what I will achieve by the end of my studies, if possible, I will squeeze to the maximum so that I have something that I could pass on to my native country and the younger generation,” the NIS graduate shared.

In addition to studying and working, Angelina manages to engage in her favorite hobbies: volleyball and studying molecular biology. She will finish her studies next year.

– The meeting in Germany can be called a logical continuation of the first forum “SAMGAU”, which brought together NIS graduates in their homeland in December-January, – Kulyash Shamshidinova, chairman of the Board of the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, said at a meeting with graduates:
– All students, teachers, parents are proud that our graduates adequately represent Kazakhstan in the world and promote the main principles of Alumni NIS – to love the motherland, change the world, be a real person.

Today, three graduates of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Petropavlovsk study at German universities. Only about 15% of the school’s students enroll in foreign universities.